Lawyers, economists, authors and international tax consultants.

Citizen L is a boutique law and consultancy firm providing highly sophisticated, exclusive and customized services for a selected number of companies, start-up and investors worldwide for more than 25 years.

Our clients believe that our accessibility, availability, network and pluralistic and practical approach to the practice of law is an important element in solving their legal, financial and tax issues.

We currently have a presence in Beirut, Dubai and Riyadh, with correspondent offices in Paris, California  and New York City and a Washington office to open. 




New York



We advise and represent governments and leading multinational companies with investments and legal transactions throughout the Middle East in the following areas:

  • Local corporate laws and regulations

  • International taxation

  • Agencies and distributorships

  • Local employment regulations

  • Import / Export regulations

  • Local and international tax structure

  • Local and international compliance procedures

  • Local and international trade laws

  • Islamic finance

  • Arbitration and litigation (through Civil and Shari’ah Courts)

  • Energy transactions

  • Company formation and joint ventures

  • Mergers and acquisitions

  • Business registration and licensing

  • Capital markets regulations

  • Real Estate and Infrastructure

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